Sunday, April 15, 2012

  Hello People!  This blog is dedicated to all of you working behind counters in stores. Not only Health Food Stores, which is the main focus of these posts.  The events we all share. The specifics may be different, but how it makes you feel is the same. 
  To help cope with the everyday battering, a sense of humor is required.  A very dark sense of humor works best I find.  
  Starting off here, some of you may have seen these same posts before from another venue. I am putting up the older ones here for anyone new.
  The sad fact is there is never a shortage of material. The G.C.s never disappoint or fail to provide new stories.
 Oh and of course,the names have been changed, or left out protect my job. Gotta relieve stress but don't really want to be homeless..


  1. A thousand years ago, when I worked at the Barnes and Noble Sale Annex on Fifth Avenue in New York, we too suffered the demands of many Groovy Customers. I did once feel vague relief when I went into a local health food store and found one of *our* groovy customers torturing a health food store clerk: at least, I discovered, it wasn't personal. May the gods bless you, Nameless Person Behind the Counter. And all the Muses.

  2. Why thank you L.S. We need to make a plan for when I am up there this summer.