Saturday, May 5, 2012

Dear Groovy Customer,
    No, I'm truly sorry we do not have any Raspberry Keytones...still.  I'm also sorry you caught that slight roll of the eyes when you asked. Thank you for telling me how they REALLY work! And a big thank you for telling me how you make that delish sounding Breakfast Pizza with the crust, a jar of pre-made Alfredo sauce, FOUR different kinds of cheese, bacon and eggs.
  Here's a couple of thoughts for you from me.
 1- If you didn't eat that kind of thing, perhaps you would not need the Raspberry Keytones. 
 2- Just because it may make you lost some weight without changing what you eat or exercising, does not mean it's going to do anything for those arteries clogged with Alfredo sauce.
 The pill doesn't replace changing what gave you the problem in the first place. I don't care what Dr. Oz says.

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